Australia Education Links Award (SAELA) 2016/2017 - Call for Entries (SEAMEO)

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Government of Australia are proud to announce the call for entries for the SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award (SAELA) 2016/2017 with the theme “Addressing Barriers to Inclusion”.
Addressing Barriers to Inclusion is Priority Area number 2 in SEAMEO Education Agenda 2015-2035. In this Priority, SEAMEO is to work towards and promote efforts in “addressing barriers to inclusion and access to basic learning opportunities of all learners through innovations in education delivery and management to provide for the previously inaccessible and vulnerable groups.” In addition, this priority area affirms the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 which is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.
SAELA gives recognition and financial assistance to projects or proposals that demonstrate education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia to bring about a better quality of life through positive relations, education advancement, cultural harmony, innovation, and research.  
The objectives of the SAELA are:  
1.    To showcase education, training and research cooperation activities and the value these have in fostering stronger people-to-people and institutional links; 
2.    To provide opportunity for sharing and learning of new ideas on education cooperation; and 

3.    To promote development of effective education partnerships between countries, organizations, and communities.
How to enter?  
1.    Entry is by an Online Entry Form at
2.    Follow closely the instructions in the online entry form.
3.    Entrants are encouraged to use social media platforms like blogs, Facebook page, or YouTube video to document and promote their projects or proposals.
4.    A confirmation email will be sent to entrant’s registered email address immediately after submission. Formal acknowledgement email for the receipt of your entry will also be sent by SEAMEO Secretariat.
5.    The online entry form allows for editing and update, and can be done before the deadline.
6.    The deadline for submission of entries is at 23.59 hrs, 31 May 2017 (+7 UTC).
 More Info,please download detail of this entries

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