Nestle Omega Plus 30 Days Challenge

What is 30 day challenge?

The 30-day Challenge carries an important mission to stop the count of Malaysians suffering from high cholesterol, the No. 2 cardiovascular risk factor in Malaysians.

In collaboration with IJN (National Heart Institute), IJN Foundation, and Allianz Life Insurance, NESTLE OMEGA PLUS aims to galvanise Malaysians to take charge of their heart health now and make a change to their lifestyle. Don't wait your heart warns you.

How to participate?

1. Visit one NESTLE OMEGA PLUS roadshows and get your cholesterol checked. Click here for locations.
  • RM2 will be collected per check. All proceeds will be donated to IJN Foundation.
  • Personal details (Name, NRIC, mobile no.) will be required for verification purpose
2. Purchase RM15 worth of NESTLE OMEGA PLUS products.

3. Take a picture of both your cholesterol card (to be collected during roadshow) and your purchase receipt, and send them with your full name, NRIC number and mobile no. to either:
  • or send an email to [email protected], and get started on your challenge!
4. After 4 weeks, visit NESTLE OMEGA PLUS roadshow again and have your 2nd cholesterol check. cholesterol card and personal details will be required.

5. You can then complete your submission by taking a picture of your 2nd check result and submit via (a) or (b) method, following your choice of method for 1st submission.

When can i start?

Campaign will commence on 1st April and will end by 30th September 2018. Only completed submissions will be processed. Please ensure that you send in the result of your second check before the end date.

Who can participate?
Anyone above the age of 18 may participate!

Register for the 30-day Challenge by sending your entry to [email protected], complete with the following details:

Full Name (as per IC)
NRIC number
Mobile no.
Attach snapshot image of the product receipt + Cholesterol card with 1st reading
By registering, you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions

More info visit here Nestle Omega Plus 30 Days Challenge
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