How to use VleFrog


1. (Frog Tab)

2.  (System Options)
Function: Help, Preferences and Log-out.

3.  (Home) 
Function: Refresh or back/undo to Dashboard. 

4.  (Quick Launch) 
Function: Shortcut to launch the application. 

5.  (Resource Manager)
Saving files 

6.  (Application Tray) 
Function: Task Manager. 

7.  (Notifications) 
Function: feedback or new assignment you have received  

8. (2 buttons) 
Function: button of your dashboard and your school

9. (Edit)
Function: To edit your dashboard. You can change your template and add more applications

How to log in VleFrog...

1. Click hop in

2. Log In using your email and password

3. Click on main services. Example; Click on SK Seri Permai

4. You have done to log in your dashboard.

Other tips to log in

2. Log in normally using your email and password

3. Ready to use your dashboard 

How to create folder and upload file

1. Stay on your dashboard . Click Quick Lunch 

2. Window will be come out. After that, Click SITES

3. Double clicks at Resources and My Resources

4. Now, your can create the folders and upload any files from your computer. 

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Click here to read How to Edit Dashboard
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