Pemenang Contest Lazada Birthday Festival Ke-6


Alhamduilillah syukur kerana menang contest Lazada Birthday Festival ke- 6. Walaupun dapat tempat ke-3, bersyukur banyak kerana menang..Para pemenang seperti di bawah.

Winners Announcement

Thank you again for joining the contest and showing great party planning skills for Lazada's 6th Birthday Festival! ❤ The winners of the Birthday Festival Blogger Contest are...

1st Prize: 1 x RM600 (1xRM300 + 3xRM100)
  • Umie Yana

2nd Prize: 8 x RM150 (1xRM60 + 3xRM30)
  • Sharifah Ashikin
  • Felicia Grace
  • Nurul Azziera
  • Syafiqah binti Shoid
  • Syah Banu
  • Nurul Najihah
  • Siti Rabiah Adnan
  • Nona Qiyah

3rd Prize: 13 x RM100 (1xRM40 + 3xRM20) 
  • Mohamad Khairil
  • Daphne Chai
  • Khalisah Hazrina
  • Tenku Butang
  • Cyril Dason
  • Cik Tie
  • Suzanne Fong
  • Huzaini Ismail
  • Hazirah Mohd
  • Iza Hafizah
  • Sheila Adziz
  • Sayidah Napisah
  • Siti Awadah

Congratulations to all the winners! If you were not lucky this time, stay tuned for our next contests and surprises!

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