5 Ways To Make Money Online Using Website

Some of bloggers used blog or website to make money through online. They can get extra money from their blogging activity. Most popular website used this method to make money. In this article, you will able to know about the popular methods that used by many bloggers to make money online from their blogs. 5 Ways To Make Money Online Using Website is

1. Pay per click program

Pay per click program is the popular way that used by bloggers. Using this method, you will collaborate with advertisement company like Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Infinity and many other ads network. My blog, kickstory.net is join nuffnang and google adsense.

2. Sell your own products

This is the second method that can be use to make money using website or blog. If you have your own products, you can sell your products through website. In the other hand, your can expand your offline business to online business. Visit my online shops, MpireOne (soon) and TheDesireStyle

3. Rent advertising space

If you have an active blog or website you can rent advertising space on your blog to sellers. From this, sellers will be place their ads.  Maybe you can charge your customers around RM100 - RM500 for one advertising space at your sidebar, footer or header of your website. This price rate is depending to your website hits or how popular is your website.

4. Paid review for products

Paid reviews about the product is also a powerful way to generate a good income to you. You can use this method to reviewing others products, services or travel destination. You can charge RM100 to RM500 per review depending on customers rate or how popular is your website that can interact the readers to read the article about products review.

5. Affiliate marketing/ services/ dropship

Lastly you can use affiliate marketing to generate money from website or blog. In this program you are not selling your products but you sell others products by promoting the products on your website.

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Huzaini Ismail

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