Human Body As Never Seen Before

The human body as never seen before. When we learn about the human body, we will able to know the Greatness and Majesty of Allah SWT that created the human body. Share it to your friends.

Source: For service the medical student

carpal bones

Anatomy of the heart


Brain surgery

Blood capillaries

Thoracic vertebrae

Open face

Tricuspid valve

Hand muscles , arteries and Nerves

Fresh kidney

vocal cords

Circle of Willis

The Heart

brain tumours

Tumor in the mammary gland

Brain and spinal cord with dural membranes still intact , held aloft and viewed posteriorly .

maxillofacial orthognathic

Embryo 12 week

chordae tendineae

Pituitary gland

Blood vessels in the eye under hypertension

Spinal cord



Knee joint