Commenting On Modern Life Style

Modern lifestyle is a perfect system of life which it meant to benefit all mankind. Reformation of the more advanced lifestyle than ever before are important factors that determines the pattern of life in today's society. The need to live with more comfortable lifestyle is influence the rapid development of information technology. The pattern of human life has been changed from one point to another in the process of innovation and invention toward a comfortable life. With the modern lifestyle, it has changed the thinking of people to emphasize the comfort and pleasure in doing a job. The changing of lifestyle certainly affects the positive and negative to the life of mankind. The pace of modern technology also influences our daily life styles.
Without the initiative from our ancestors to create, improve and innovate the modern conveniences that we have today, by now I’m sure we all cannot be sitting around, twiddling our thumbs while the washing machine washed our clothes, the dishwasher cleaned our dishes, and the bus driver drove us to our jobs, where we sat and watched our computers do our work. That show the advantage that we get from the modern life technology that influenced our modern life styles. These technology give some convenience to us to improve our life successfully. 
In fact, as we all know, modern technology has helped us in many ways such as facilitating our work because we are really busy every day with the increasing workload. Modern life style has changed the way we work like we do the job and more responsibility than ever before thus we do not have enough time to do things beneficial to ourselves, such as exercise and recreation.
Modern technology provides convenience and comfort to us to live in an environment that is clean and free from diseases. It also gives us the freedom to engage in any activity that favoured especially for the children to learn, play and interact. With modern technology, such as the pressure of financial problems, personal problems and disease problems can be resolved as quickly as possible when we try to adjust our lifestyle since the development of modern technology. Influence the pattern of modern life experienced by all segments of society to determine the welfare of all the various aspects such as economic, political and social.
Despite the progress of the modern world with a modern lifestyle, we already know that the thinking and way of life will be changed throughout the years. Human mind has been changed according to current developments in line with development of modern technology. For example, the human mind is now more focused on the advancement of life, enjoyment and freedom to live. Consequently, if this idea cannot be met, people may face severe stress in their life. To avoid this from continues, we should adopt a proper lifestyle according to the value and limits as human beings. To overcome these problems, stress management should be managed as effectively as possible to avoid these things become more serious.
Changes in the modern way of life necessarily have negative effects on young people because they are stuck with the influence of western culture such as loitering, visiting night clubs and smoking. Thus, meaningful activities such as recreation, picnics and camping are not longer to be the suitable activities to do as a result of western influenced. The effect is ultimately damaging our youth live in today. Various cultural influence from western such as in aspects of social, entertainment and diet have long been applied by television, newspapers and  internet  have become agent for the teenagers to involve their self with these problems. This influence is increasingly developing among teenagers as they change their way of life towards modernity such as having free sex, taking drugs and gangsters.
There is no doubt that modern technology provides many benefits to us in the changing styles of life that ensures our lives more comfortable and safe. The advantage of technology to the modern lifestyle is making our lives more secure, especially in the medical field with the creation of technologies to treat disease. This can save the lives of innocent people from critical disease. In addition, the advantage is to increase the manufacturing industry, especially with the creation of a computer, phones or internet. This situation clearly shows that the influence of modern technology is very important in our life especially in changing the pattern of our lives towards a better life.

              In addition, modern life has changed our life style in which it covers the way we move from one place to another place with the creation of modern transportation such as cars, buses and airplanes. The advantage to the creation of modern technology in the field of transportation is we can save time, security guarantees and we can go to a single destination to another destination with quickly. But despite this, the adverse effects will be upon us is, we rarely exercise like jogging, walking or cycling. This can be explained by our lack of exercise when we compared to our work. We do more work than exercise. This situation we will disclose health problems due to lack of exercise activities are carried out, especially when we often use the existing transport without making any movement activities.

In addition to the creation of modern technology, learning also has its own evolutionary process and learning styles which have been changed according to the current modernization. Now the learning process more focused on the use of the Internet as a medium of learning.  Nowadays, the interactive learning and long- distance learning is choice in the current trend. Additionally, changes in learning style and greater opportunities to gain knowledge of all the deals mainly with self-learning through the online tutor and online forum. Learning is an opportunities to all students, especially in learning new things on the internet.

            However, the effects of witnessing the evolution in education, the student changes their lifestyle become more pronounced as they abused the existing facilities such as involve themselves with gambling online, watch pornography, play games and porn chat. Lifestyle is causing students to be exposed to serious social problems. In other words, the influence of modern technology to the student lifestyle will change dramatically. This may cause the student to access the internet without control and they are able to ignore their responsibilities as students and also not take the meals. Effects of modern technology would bring adverse effects on the pattern of student life, especially in terms of interaction. They may not like to be involved in community activities if this problem is continue.Listen
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              The challenges of modern life style that must be addressed by all people, especially those involving disease and will affect our lives system. Among the diseases that challenge us in changing patterns of modern life are heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. The pattern of our live is determines what will happen in our future. Unhealthy food intake, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. Are factors known as the agent that connects people with the disorder in the modern world.
            Furthermore, before the modern era, people obtain food supply based on natural resources which is more fresh and nutritious food for health. However the trend now, people are more concerned about the fast food to eat because it saves time, especially in those who experienced a lot of workload. Time is not enough for people let them to eat fast food especially the food is known as not nutritious to the body such as snacks, ice cream and burgers. The pattern of life at the present time allows people to take more fast food, but they take less exercise to maintain health. This situation can affect all people that too dependent on fast food when busy with the workload. In addition, a balanced diet that does not expose a person to various diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Technology and communication facilities such as the creation of a computers, telephones and TV more rapidly developed. This technology provides many facilities to all communities in doing business during the day either at home or at work. With the technology of this kind, we can do the job quickly and save time. Nevertheless, the negative impact on modern technology is often used causing more people become lazy to do any work. This led to changing patterns of life. For example, changing style of modern life will change dramatically all human activities, such as people who used to shop at the supermarket would change their lifestyle requirements of purchasing goods online only.

           In addition, people can order food via a call or order through the website and they are just waiting for their orders immediately. This led to people increasingly lazy to do any exercise while walking or cycling. With modern technology, people will change their lifestyle where they can use the internet to do their work such as paying bills, manage their financial and shopping.

           In conclusion, the modern life style is very important to all of society if we used properly. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is very important to us in this modernisation.

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