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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buat Duit Secara Mudah

Mungkin korang sudah biasa mendengar nama Cashfiesta namun nama Cashfiesta di Malaysia mungkin korang jarang dengar. Cashfiesta ini adalah salah satu program membuat duit secara percuma dengan menggunakan pelbagai kaedah. Teknik membuat duit yang sungguh mudah. Tidak salah kalau korang ingin mencuba. Sekiranya korang inigin mencuba porgram ini secara percuma sila klik di sini Cashfiesta

Teknik yang sungguh mudah untuk menjana duit sambil melayari internet.

  • Get Paid to Surf the Web:

    Download FiestaBar and start earning cool cash while you are online by just viewing ads. FiestaBar is a small software program that you run while you surf the Internet and shows you interesting offers on a tiny bar. While you run FiestaBar you earn points that are transferred into cash depending on your Individual Pay Rate.

  • Get Paid to Sign up for Special Offers:

    You can increase your Pay Rate dramatically by signing up for our Special Offers.
    Special Offers have a fixed Pay Rate of $1 per 1,000 points for the points they give plus they raise your Individual Pay Rate up to $1, 66 per 1,000 points. The more Special Offers you sign up for, the higher your Individual Pay Rate goes!

  • Get Paid to Refer Your Friends:

    Refer your friends and acquaintances and start earning while they are online, too. Cashfiesta pays for referrals up to the 8th level! There is no limit on the number of referrals you can have, so start building your network today. http://www.cashfiesta.com/php/join.php?ref=kickstory

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