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Infrastructure is the important asset that helps the students in their development like the physical, emotional, social and mental developments based to the physiology’s book. Based to my experience in the school that I visited the physical features in this school is complicated with the strong building and their facilities that also can attract the students’ interest to learn something in this school.

I had visited Sekolah Kebangsaan Penambang at Kota Bharu in Kelantan. This school is located in city areas opposite the road that connected from the Pantai Cahaya Bulan with Kota Bharu. So it gives the benefit to the students to get the good facilities. This school is very comfortable and suitable for students because it not just produces the students with higher cognitive but higher of moral values, emotional and social values based to the National Philosophy of Education. So, the located in the city is the factor that produces the good person.

The building in this school is big and very strategic with the clear arrangement. Strategic building is very easy to teacher and students in teaching and learning process. In this school it has the 7 major buildings with different design and height which is 4 old buildings and 3 new building. The new buildings which has 3 floor are located the office, meeting room, teacher room, medical room, library and classrooms. All of the buildings are colored with orange color.

Every buildings in this school has given the name for example blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The building is divided as variation place with different usages. So, it gives the convenient to the teachers and students in using the facilities that already prepared to them. This school has about 800 of students, so the learning area had prepared about 23 classes. Then, every class is located in the different building.

Since the old canteen is not used in the old building, it becomes the place for the student to put their bicycle. Based on my observation a lot of students use the bicycle to come to school. Also, students put the bicycle in the place that has already prepared behind the school gate at the field. Now, this school has a new canteen that produces the clean, cheaper and healthy food to the students. With the good food the student’s development in physical and cognitive become more effectively.

In this school it has a lot interesting features that help the students in the process of learning something especially love of environment. School also the place that gives the teachers and the students with comfortable, safety and clean conditions. In my observation the compound of this school is very nice with a lot of variation and types of flowers around the school’s area. So, it creates a beautiful and interesting panorama to everyone. Furthermore this school has the landscape of jungle and mini water fall between the knowledge centre and class. It is very beautiful when we see it, so it also helps the students and teachers to release tension. Every floor is planted the flower in the vase of the building is plant with flowers.

Moreover, the compound of this school has the mini garden. In this mini garden it decorated and planted with the variation, types and species of plants. Also, in mini garden it has the small pond which has the red, black and orange species of fishes. Around the pond, it has the animal model like frog, swan and duck. If we see this compound of this school we may be unbeliever because this school likes the floral garden with their complete panorama. First time I come to this school, it is unbelievable because it look so nice and I am very excited to see and feel the beautiful and romantic this panorama here.

Furthermore the facilities are the important assets that can help the students in gaining the knowledge and information based to the teaching and learning process. The school facilities are the factor that helps the student’s development in emotional, social, physical and cognitive development. Without it, the process of development is not happen clearly. Also, the factor of development based to the school environment not only home environment.

The facilities for the use of teaching and learning process is office, teacher’s room, meeting room, science laboratory, computer laboratory, living skill room, classroom and library. Other facilities that help the students in their convenient is canteen, public phone, toilet, praying room, store, reading place or knowledge garden, mini garden, bus stop, counseling room, car and bicycle parks, field, playing area and medical room. These facilities are the important that prepared to the teacher and students in teaching and learning process. Also, it helps the students in their development.

To give and train the students as a motivator people the school is created with the mural and motivation words in every wall of school and the corner wall to go to the canteen, administrator building and outside the toilet. Also the objective of the mural and motivation word is to prepare the school with the good environment of learning area like the bundle of knowledge in the class or outside the class.

The motivation words can give the moral value when the students read it. The mural that draws is the example pictures of the nature and environment to make sure this school becomes the relevant place for the teaching and learning. Also, the objective of mural is to create the students with the good people based to the spirit of the love to the nature. So, it can trains the students to love of nature. Furthermore, the process of giving moral value is not happen in class only but in around of this school. The appearance of this school lives the realistic, which symbolized the place of memorable knowledge.

As conclusion the school that I visited is very suitable to produce the student with high standard of cognitive, emotional, physical and social level. Also it can train the student with the full of moral value. Furthermore, the physical feature and facilities of this school is the factor that related to the student’s development. In my observed, I can comment, critique and give the suggestion that this school looks like a realistic place of knowledge in comfortable, suitable, safe and clean for the teacher and the students.

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