Suggestion of activities to access the understanding


Activity that can use and practiced to understand the topic of behaviorism is carry out the experiment. Students or peer will stand in the line. After that, they are given the difficult words to memories until they can. So, from it the peer will passed the word to the peer at back using the slow voice. From this activity, students know how to memories and repeating the word that are given to them. So, with this activity students are able to know and understand the topic of the behaviorism because they are related with this activity.
Also, the suggestion to understand behaviorism students are given the task to find the information of the behaviorism like the principle of behaviorism, types of behaviorist and implication of behaviorism. In the group, the students are able to discuss this topic. The information that the students must find must related with each other. This activity must carry out with pair. Since it works with pair, the process of finding information become easier. So, the students can understand this topic clearly.
Furthermore, the activity is group discussion. Students are able stay in group and do the group discussion to present the learning idea that they get from the finding information to the class. When we do the group discussion, the student can share their own idea with their members. So, the process of gain the information becomes easy to understand the behaviorism.
Furthermore, the activity last activity that can use in assess the understanding is presentation. Presentation using the graphic organizer can help the students in apply the information and transfer it into the short point. So, from it students will be able to get the full understand about this topic when class presentation is happen. In addition, it can give the benefit to the presenters and their classmate when this activity is applied in the class.


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