Similarities between Three Theorists of Behaviorism


There are the similarities of the theory from the 3 behaviorist about the theory of behaviorism. The theorists like Watson, Pavlov and Thorndike are stated that the process of getting the behavior happen in human and animal as the nature process. Based to them this process is taken place in every human being and animal when the process is continuing and repeating the behavior is happen.
Theory of animal and human learning that only focuses on objectively observable behavior and discount mental is the similarities between the 3 theorists stated. As we know, the process of learning with happens in human and animal are the repeating process that focuses to the observation to something. For example the child with the good cognitive and thinking, when he lives with the people with the bad attitude, he will observe what the attitude that people around him. So when he observes he will follow the bad people’s behavior with the repeating process.
Next the 3 theorists stated that the people will concentrate on the study of overt behaviors that can be observed and measured. When the people in the real situation, they will observe and describe types of the other people’s behavior in their surrounding. When it happens, they will observe and measured the standard of that people. So, the process of selection of the good or bad behavior will be happen in this situation. Then, the students will take place or use the types of people that they observed.
Also the similarities from the theorists are behaviorism can be formed the basis of most of the learning theory applied in child rearing. In this situation they suggest that the process of rearing among the child based to the factors that increase the volume of development in their development process. So, in this step the process of transfer the information, knowledge and experience are influence the child. In the other hand, factor of surrounding is important to the child’s behavior.
            Furthermore, the children will be able to seek scientific, demonstrable explanations for science behaviors when they have the good behavior. As we know the children with the good behavior can motivate their self as can as they can do. So the process of scientific thinking will be happen. Theorists stated that the process of demonstrate, explanation based to the way of the children used and apply the knowledge and information that they got from the scientific seek and observation or measured.
All human and animal have response to the stimulus in the different condition and areas is the last similarities that stated by Watson, Pavlov and Thorndike. They said that every living thing has the response to the stimulus but the way of their stimulus is the different with other. In the construct the response with the surrounding, the stimulus process must be happening first because without this process, the response cannot be happen.

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