Questioning Techniques


Questioning technique is the skill of questioning and in leading discussions is valuable for many instructional purposes, eliciting pupil reflection and challenging deeper student engagement in many situations such as in classroom and everyday life. Questioning technique is involved in verbal communication where two pupils use this skill to start a discussion starting when one of them ask the question and the another one answered the question. Questioning techniques can be used to keep a conversion flowing where it is the way a question is phrased determines the type of response

There are a lot of types of questioning techniques that use by teacher or other when asking the question for example open question and close question. Open question is the skill that use to ask the question in longer answer where the pupils is allowed to elaborate the answer using the own idea and they can share what they are understand about certain topic. In addition open question is enabling pupils to reflect on their understanding and consider new possibilities. Also, open question is required more than one answer.

In the other hand, close question is the skill of question that used by teacher to asks the question using a simple and short answer whether yes or no answer and true or false answer. Hence, close question technique is encouraging pupils to develop critical and creative thinking skills and to engage in analytical thinking where the pupils often engage more deeply and are more motivated to participate when they are encouraged to be the questioners.

There are other types of questioning technique which is multiple question, leading question, recall question and probing question. Multiple questions are the technique of question that used to make the pupils confuse to choose what the right answer based to the question that asked. Furthermore, this type of question can be ambiguous where it can lead to confusion so that the respondent or pupils may not know which question to answer first and then their answers may be ambiguous.

Different with the leading questions where this type of question techniques can be used to take the respondent in a certain direction so that the questioner can guide them towards an expected response. Hence addition, this type of question helps the teacher to encourage the pupils to take center stage, comment on others’ responses and request further explanations.

Next, the recall question is the question techniques that use to check the pupils understanding in learning topic so that it go back to something mentioned earlier. In addition, recall question can also be open, closed or probing questions and often have a specific factual answer. Moreover the probing question is allowing the questioner to go into greater detail so that it can encourage the pupils to expand on a previous statement and can be similar to recall questions. Probing question is allowing the pupils to assume considerable responsibility for the depth and breadth of discussions.

In conclusion, there are many types of questioning techniques that use when asking the question so that based to the types of question the pupils will be guided as much as better. Hence, based to the questioning techniques the pupils will assume considerable responsibility for the success of the discussion, initiating topics and making unsolicited contributions. In addition, the teacher successfully engaged the pupils in series of discussion based to the questioning techniques that have been used.

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