What is an Assessment?

A Clearpass assessment is a set of structured interviews of all stakeholders involved in your asset management processes. Clearpass will customize its proprietary questionnaire to your operations and execute a series of face to face interviews with both field and head office personnel.

The deliverables of an assessment include the following:
1. A list of asset management stakeholders by function.
2. A summary of the stakeholders’ feedback.
3. Identification of which asset management processes are successful and which require attention.
4. Recommendations as to where to focus in terms of software solutions and business processes.

Why perform an Assessment?

♦ Establish a corporate understanding of what is meant by ‘Asset Management’.
♦ Determine what is working and what is not without establishing blame.
♦ Obtain early buy-in from all stakeholders.
♦ Establish documented requirements for changes in process and/or solutions.
♦ Distinguish ‘needs’ from ‘wants’.
♦ Lay the foundation for a holistic Asset Management Strategy.

Why use Clearpass?
♦ Clearpass is a professional services company focused on Asset Management in the Energy industry.
♦ Clearpass has developed these assessments specifically for the Oil and Gas industry and has performed them for a number of companies.
♦ Clearpass is software independent and thus have no biases or hidden agendas.
♦ Clearpass is external to your business and our assessment will be objective.
♦ Clearpass will commit and deliver to your defined scope and timelines. On average, Clearpass staff each have over 15 years of oil and gas or asset management experience.

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