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What is Action Research?

Action research is a process in which participants examine
their own educational practice systematically and carefully,
using the techniques of research. It is based on the
following assumptions:

• Teachers and principals work best on problems
they have identified for themselves

• Teachers and principals become more effective
when encouraged to examine and assess their
own work and then consider ways of working

• Teachers and principals help each other by
working collaboratively

• Working with colleagues helps teachers and
principals in their professional development
Although there are many types of research that may
be undertaken, action research specifically refers to a
disciplined inquiry done by a teacher with the intent that
the research will inform and change his or her practices in
the future. This research is carried out within the context
of the teacher’s environment—that is, with the students
and at the school in which the teacher works—on
questions that deal with educational matters at hand.
While people who call for greater professionalization say

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