12 Secrets To Be Mentalist magicians or the admired one

1) Do not ever reveals the secrets of performing, if you've never even learn magic tricks, you may often hear the following statement: "Do not tell how you do something wrong eyes." It sounds quite simple. This is because of your knowledge is not easy to get to your heirs. Let them say to you, such as: "stingy ilmulah him!" or "Would you teach it not?". Man really wants something easy to sometimes not want to work. It's the knowledge that we can teach the simple and free, but knowledge of art magic, not all people can be empowered. Sometimes people are easy to talk like: "As far as performance like that, I can do it!" or "Yield! ordinary Dah see it performed like that !"... As one who practices in this area, let what other people want to note for you. If they want to know how you do a secret show, ask them to sacrifice some money to get your own ideas.

2) Do not repeat the same performance no matter how many people pay you, do not repeat the same performance or game more than doubled in the same place. This is because to avoid the audience feel bored and what is more important that the audience does not know the secrets of your presentation. If you already expect to perform at the same place and audience, the presentation or use another method?

3) Know where to begin the presentation If you are just learning of this, do not continue to aspire to show your presentation to a public audience. Enough if you ask a friend or family to assess your first. Can not be denied that there were many errors will occur at the beginning of your show. This matter will be a shame if in a hurry to show your skills in front of the public if the error is not corrected in advance. If the action in the public audience, you should keep calm and be prepared with any possibility that will happen. If you're in the public space, you should never force people to watch your performance. Remember! Make a show or performance only if you are asked to do so! Do not show-off their skills owned!

4) Know where to end your presentation when you know where you need to start performing, it is necessary also to know where you need to finish your presentation! You are encouraged not to stop too early. However, if you were to do only one show and quit, it can be likened a wise move. This is because you will make the audience wonder what your next presentation. If you do three performances in a row but did not cause significant impact to the audience, it shows you can not actually. If you are able to present 45 performances though, but the audience did not show interest and there was no use. Here, you need to know where you have to stop or terminate any of your performance. Do not fall in the audience shouted to you and say: "Turn! So bored!"