English Lesson Plan 1


Date / Day : 1st July 2009 / Wednesday
Class : Year 3 Bestari
Time : 11.30 a.m – 12.30 p.m ( 60 minutes )
Level : Intermediate
Theme : World of Stories
Topic : Adventure Land
Main Skills : Speaking and reading
Integrated Skills : Writing and listening
Sub-skills : 3.4.3 – Read aloud poems, stories and fables with expression.
3.7.1 – Look at pictures and captions ( labels ) and talk about them.
3.9.1 – Read and understand simple poems, stories an fables.
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
a) Read and understand stories.
b) Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm.

c) Answer simple questions.
d) Recognize simple past tense from the passage and convert it to the simple present tense.
Previous knowledge : Pupils are familiar with stories, fables, and tales. And has understand about simple past tense.
Language Focus : Grammar ( past tense ), pronunciation.
Instructional Materials : Textbook and worksheet.
Noble values (NV) : Helping someone who really in need.
Thinking Skills (CCTS) : Making associations and connections, formulating questions and answers, making inferences,

Stage / Time
Teacher’s Activity
Pupil’s Activity
Pre - reading
( 5 minutes )

Teacher will tell about favorite tales.
( e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio and Cinderella ).

• Teacher will ask students who know about favourite tales.
• Teacher will introduce today’s lesson as “ Adventure Land “

• Pupils will express as many ideas and answers as they can and remember from their previous knowledge. • To draw the pupils’ attention and interest to the lesson.
• To activate and tap the pupils’ current knowledge of the topic. • .Students involvement in class.
• CCTS – making inferences.

While reading
( Approx 10 minutes )

Activity 1
Role play • Teacher will gets number of pupil to involve in the role play.
• Teacher gets pupils to act same action as the following passage.
• Pupils act the role play.
• Pupils read through the dialogue text.
• Pupils watch, listen. • To ensure the students understand the task.
• To model the language form as used in a real context. • Refer textbook page 74.

While reading
( Approx. 15 minutes )

Activity 2
Reading the “ Peter Pan” story.

• .Teacher will choose some students to read the story paragraph by paragraph

• Pupils will read the story through the text. • To make sure that the students are fluent with their speaking and read the passage with correct pronunciation of words.
• Refer textbook page 75 and 76.
• CCTS – making associations and connections.

Pre – reading
( Approx. 25 minutes )

Activity 3
Find the simple past tense from the passage.

• Teacher will distribute worksheet.
• Observe and guide students to do the exercise.

• Pupils will do the exercise with guidance from the teacher. • To gain students understanding through overall lesson.
• Worksheet 1

( 5 minutes )
Refresh today’s lesson.

• Teacher asks pupils about what they have learnt today.
• Teacher will explain about moral value.
• Pupils will give their own opinion an answer.

• To summarize lesson.
• To inculcate noble values.
• NV – Helping someone who really in need.

Worksheet 1

Name : ______________________ Day : _____________

Class : 3 Bestari Date : _____________

 Answer the question given .

1. Where did the adventure take place ?


2. Who are the people in the story ?


3. What happened in the story ?


4. Do you like the story ? Why ?


 Write the simple past tense from the story and convert it into simple present tense.


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