Percey Jackson and the Lightning thief

Semalam x der keja so utk hilangkan boring, gua n members p lah tgk cita Percey Jackson and the Lightning thief kat Sunway. Cite ni okey lah jugak. Cita ni mungkin di adaptasi dari game Age of Mythology yang gua suka main.Ok, tgk lah sinopsis cite ni sket..zasssssssss

Synopsis: Based on the first of a series of best selling novels, PERCY JACKSON & THE LIGHTNING THIEF is set in a modern world where the twelve gods of Mount Olympus (perched 600 stories above the planet on New York's landmark Empire State Building) are alive and are creating a new race of young mythological heroes who are demigods -- half mortal, half god. Percy, the teenage son of Poseidon, is suspected by Zeus of stealing his lightning bolt, the universe's most powerful weapon. To prove his innocence and avoid a devastating war among the gods, Percy embarks on a transcontinental odyssey to find the real thief. Along his journey, he confronts fierce enemies determined to stop him, and attempts to save his mother from the deadly clutches of another Greek god, Hades

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