My Action Research - Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is a generic term for various small group interactive instructional procedures. Students work together on academic tasks in small groups to help themselves and their teammates learn together. In general, cooperative learning methods share the following five characteristics.

* Student work together on common tasks or learning activities that are best handled through group work.
* Students work together in small groups containing two to five members.
* Students use cooperative, pro-social behavior to accomplish their common tasks or learning activities.
* Students are positively interdependent. Activities are structured so that students need each other to accomplish their common tasks or learning activities.
* Students are individually accountable or responsible for their work or learning.

Why Cooperative Learning??

Cooperative Learning enhances student learning by:

* providing a shared cognitive set of information between students,
* motivating students to learn the material,
* ensuring that students construct their own knowledge,
* providing formative feedback,
* developing social and group skills necessary for success outside the classroom, and
* promoting positive interaction between members of different cultural and socio-economic groups

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