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sambil2 dok main internet, gua surf blog ke blog cr maklumat terkini. Pas tu terjumpa ler blog br yg namanya Idup Shaya...Tgk2 dia punya isi kandungan blog, terjumpa lah benda yang gua cari iaitu English Lesson Plan yg minggu depan punya. So, trima kasih lah kat adila @ idup Shaya krn sumbangkan lesson plan..heheheh...Gua x der keja so gua Quote lah lesson plan adila utk tatapan yang lain...

Daily Lesson Plan

Class : Year 2 Dahlia
Number of pupils :
Date : 23rd of February 2010
Time : 08.40 a.m – 09.40 a.m ( 1 hour )
Level : High achiever
Theme : World of Self, family and friends
Topic : Family
Unit : Liza’s family
Main skills : Listening and speaking
Integrated skills : Reading and writing
Sub- skills : 1.4.5 Listen to and follow longer sentence
2.3.4 Give longer replies when answering questions
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Follow four out of six longer sentences
2. Give four out of six longer replies when answering questions
3. - Group C should be able to name the family members
- Group B should be able to match the picture with the name of family members
- Group A should be able to reply when answering the
Previous knowledge : Pupils already learn familier with the family members
Sentence pattern : “Who is this ?”
“This is my father ”
“What is your father’s name?”
“His name is Ali”
T&L Resources : Family tree, flashcards, jigsaw puzzles and worksheets
Noble values (NV) : Cooperation in doing task and politeness

Stage/ Time Content Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity Remarks

Set Induction
pre- listening
( 4-5 minutes)
Family tree
• Teacher enters the classroom and shows the family tree and asks the students:“What tree is this?”
• Pupils guess the answer “Family tree”
T & L Resources:
Family tree

(13-15 minutes)
Generates students’ ideas based on a family tree
• Teacher shows the picture
• Teacher posts the questions and instructions based on the picture shown
• Instruction :
“Who is this ?”
“What is your father’s name?”
• Pupils respond to the teacher’s question or instruction
• Answer :
“This is my father ”
“His name is Ali”
T & L Resources:

( 13-15 minutes)
Dialogue and role play
• Teacher pastes the dialogue on the blackboard and ask the pupils to together
• Teacher call pupils in a group to have a role play
• Pupils respond to classroom activities
T & L Resources:

(13-15 minutes)
Jigsaw puzzle : Match the picture with the correct words.
• Teacher asks the pupils finish the jigsaw puzzle and paste on family tree
• Students finish the task in group
T & L Resources :
Jigsaw puzzle

( 8-10 minutes)
• Teacher asks the students to finish the worksheet given
• Students finish the worksheet
T & L Resources :

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  1. rhikoku shinFebruary 26, 2010

    blog itu sudah bertukar nm kepada my pupils my teacher..kepada rakan-rakan guru pelatih boleh menggunakan blog ini sebaiknya...enjoy