Where is forumers??


Where is Merah Jambu??Ariff putera??Socrates??n the other forumers that actived since year 2005 n 2006?? Especially i remember to Merah Jambu, ariff and the others that positively brave to fight something "hot" cases in IPTB. Now, i see IPTB's forum uncheerful since that forumers not visited iptb's forum..Why it is happen??

i knw that memorial how merah jambu n the others figthing n throw out their opinion surely impossible to come out again since IPTB's administrator discard them to "free talk" n push out their ideas. Now, visitors in IPTB's forum is moody. No issues to talk.

I hope, someday popular forumers like Merah Jambu, Tyra Bank, Ariff, Socrates, Jose n others come again to join iptb's forum.

IPTB's Forum

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  1. mmg famous giler yg tu...siap kn kejar agi...hahahaha..siap timbalan pengarah rindu n giler bayang kat merah jambu..hahaha