5 hours Study about Malware (RVHOST.EXE)

Today, i spend my time to study how to remove malware aka virus that affected the school's laptops. I try to cure this virus using a lot methods that i found frm many website like Yahoo Answer n etc. huhuhu.. So tired today. May be someone does not know what type the new virus that freely running in internet field. I try to give further explanation about that virus. The new virus that affected the laptop is famously known as RVHOST.EVE.

This virus is dangerous because it create a new folder and try to affect your computer system. So, when you open your computer, automatically window start up will be come out and show the error that taken place in your laptop. On that time, this virus will disturb you since you want to start your work.

Many steps that needed to remove this virus from your computer. Ok, later i will show you the steps that we can use to remove this virus. Thank you